Criminal Defense

Your attorney becomes the face and voice of your entire defense. Adam Zentner has litigated criminal cases at the highest levels in the State of Kansas for over a decade as a prosecutor, and he now brings that wealth of knowledge and experience to bear in your defense. If you've been arrested or charged with a crime (or if you believe that you are being investigated for a crime) act immediately and contact Zentner Law to schedule a free initial consultation.


Homicides & Capital Crimes

Your attorney's level of experience is critical when facing a potential life-sentence. These investigations can be lengthy, with reams of evidence that must be carefully analyzed. If you are facing a homicide charge, you want an attorney with Adam's experience leading your defense.


Driving While Intoxicated (DUI/DWI)

DUIs/DWIs may affect your ability to keep a driver’s license, hold certain jobs, or even affect the way you live your daily life. Regardless of whether it's a first time DUI or your fifth, Zentner Law can help.


White Collar Crimes

Typical examples of white collar crimes are embezzlement or fraud against a business or government agency. Depending on the particular facts of your case, you could be facing a felony and potential prison time.


Traffic Citations

Most people get a traffic citation at some point, but this happens so rarely that you may not appreciate the collateral effects a ticket may have on your permanent driving record. Adam has handled traffic cases for many years and can help you to better explore your options.


Person Crimes

Person crimes (e.g. armed robbery) are serious crimes which often carry prison sentences or require you to register as a violent offender. It is always advisable for you to consult with an attorney regarding your options when facing a person crime.


Non-person Crimes

Non-person crimes are often referred to as "property crimes" because they frequently involve petty theft and vandalism. However, many non-person crimes are felonies which may seriously harm your career.


Drug Crimes

Drug crimes have been hotly debated for many years, but the fact remains that drug crimes are harshly punished in many instances. An experienced attorney can help you to explore options and advocate for less-harsh penalties.


Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are extremely serious, often punished as severely (or more so) than homicide. Social sigma, registration as a sex offender, and prison time are only a few of the potential hazards associated with a sex case. You need an experienced attorney such as Adam who can advocate to protect your rights.


Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is gaining more attention in the United States, and legislatures across the nation are raising penalties for human trafficking crimes. If you are accused of a human trafficking offense, you should consult with an attorney such as Adam who has experience handling these cases.


Criminal Mediation

Criminal mediation is a highly specialized form of mediation which can be a useful tool for negotiating a better outcome if your attorney has experience in this form of mediation. Adam has been involved in numerous criminal mediations over the years and can guide you through this process.