Civil Litigation

Zentner Law handles certain types of civil cases that are quasi-criminal in nature. These include asset forfeitures, involuntary sexual predator commitments, and expungements of arrest and conviction records. Asset forfeitures and predator commitments require swift action to ensure you can seek the best possible outcome. Expungements can typically be handled at any point after the law authorizes expungement, but waiting too long can make this process more difficult.


Asset Forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture is a special legal process by which the government seeks to permanently seize personal or real property, assuming that property was used to commit a crime. Whether you are a private citizen who is defending against a forfeiture, or a law enforcement agency who wants to initiate a forfeiture proceeding, Adam can handle either defense or plaintiff forfeiture actions.


SVP Commitments

Sexually Violent Predator Commitments ("SVPs") require a unique blend of criminal and civil litigation experience within this highly specialized area of law. Adam has handled SVPs from inception to jury trial.



If you were arrested or convicted of a crime that you'd like removed from your record, you may have options depending on your particular case. Expungement is an often overlooked mechanism that allows someone to remove eligible arrests and convictions from their record. Many factors affect expungement eligibility, and those factors can be explored at Zentner Law.